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You know that old saying about being unable to see the wood for the trees. Well, it's an apt one when you are immersed in your business; know that you need to do something with your communications but are at a loss - either through lack of time or information - to decide what to do next. 


It's often impossible to take a step back and, with a cool independent eye, assess where you are at present, where you want to be, and know how you are going to get there. But that is what many companies require; particularly if you are growing organically and have never had the opportunity to lay out a plan for communications or you are a small team with a wide variety of demands on your time.


Communication planning

Regular, planned communication pays dividends and maximises your return on your investment. We’ll help you clarify and define your offer for each audience, select the best and most relevant information to maximise your message, and assess how and where to put your chosen message across. We then provide a detailed roadmap for you and your team to follow - or for us to implement on your behalf. 

Vision and values workshops

It’s hard to communicate effectively when you are not sure what you want to say, who you want to say it to and how you want to be perceived in your market place. Our Vision and Values workshops help you refine who you are, what your offer is, and how you should position yourself so that you can maximise your business opportunities. These workshops are invaluable in keeping your business fresh and relevant to your existing and potential clients, and should be undertaken, ideally, every two to three years.

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