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Project Management

Many people underestimate the value of communications project management, often seeing it as an unnecessary expense. 

Yet, for any kind of communication to be effective, it takes thought, planning and a clearly defined process of implementation that addresses the needs of each element.


The value of planning

If you don’t have a team dedicated to marketing communication, it can be challenging to find time to plan and oversee your communication project or programme. And, when communication is not your only role or responsibility, and you are immersed in running a business, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by what needs to be done, so you put it off until you believe you will have more time to devote to it. The result is that often nothing is done and the lack of communication that reassures customers, potential clients and staff that all is well with the business and you are thriving can become the source of loss of confidence and loss of potential business. 

Ensuring your communication delivers on

its objectives

At Artizan Communications, we work with you to define and understand your objectives, then plan and agree a programme of communication with you that incorporates what actions are required, allocation of responsibility, scheduling and budgeting. Once the plan has been agreed,  we oversee as many elements of its delivery as you require, ensuring you enjoy a seamless and fully integrated multi-media solution that delivers on its objectives.

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